Andi Nyáry and Gábor Takács, directors of ProSoccerGlobal Hungary shared their thoughts about their trip to Ghana:
We spent a fantastic week in Ghana
This trip changed our life and our mentality in many ways. We arrived to a completely different world and we met fantastic people there. We earned great experiences about football here, and we saw that everyone is really passionate about this beautiful sport, and everyone plays football in Ghana.
It was brilliant to see the ProSoccerGlobal U15 & U20 Showcase, with great matches, and talented players who really tried to impress and show their abilities. Also it was a great example everyone that they showed their respect and sportsmanship during the whole event!!!
We saw a lot of great players and great performances, and the best players have a chance to earn a scolarship to Universities in the USA.
We also collected a lot of sportswear before the tour which we gave to the players to help them, and also the MVP of every game was awarded by a ball by ProSoccerGlobal Hungary. We are really happy that we could contribute to the event, and in the future we would like to strengthen the connection between the countries ProSoccerGlobal operates in, and help each other – we have numerous plans and ideas for that, which we will begin organising in the future.

Thank you for Chris and Jimmy, directors of ProSoccerGlobal for the invitation; Steve, director of ProSoccerGlobal Ghana for the hospitality and to his colleagues, Micheal, Shaguu, Romeo, James, Kofi, Kojo, Sergio too!
Congratulations to ProSoccerGlobal Ghana teams for the great matches!
See you soon!