Absolutely fantastic experience for our @prosoccerglobalhungary U18 player Mark who spent this week training with Stoke City FC academy. Mark was first identified by co-directors Jimmy, Chris and Gabi at our ProSoccerGlobal Hungary selection trials in August 2019. Then in December 2019 he was made captain of our @prosoccerglobalhungary U18 squad during their UK tour. During their tour the U18s played games against 4 top UK academy sides where Mark scored 4 goals, 1 against each club, including 1 during a a 2-2 draw with Stoke. It was during this match that Mark was identified as a player of interest by the Stoke City coaches. The ProSoccerGlobal directors then worked in conjunction with the club to organise this training week for Mark in Stokes fantastic Clayton Wood training facility. During the week Mark took part in 2 matches and a series of training sessions with the full time academy players. He performed extremely well and received some excellent feedback from the Stoke City academy coaching staff We are incredibly proud of Mark and his efforts and look forward to helping him continue his development pathway Marks trial with Stoke City highlights how genuine our ProSoccerGlobal developement pathways process is. We identified Mark at our initial trial stage, coached and developed him during his time in the UK with our PSG Hungary U18 side and then facilitated his trial week with Stoke City. ProSoccerGlobal offer fantastic soccer experiences and offer genuine, structured pathways to exceptionally talented soccer players Thank you for UTE supporting!


Márk Dékei was the captain of ProSoccerGlobal Hungary U18 Selection Team, and due to his great performance in our tour he earned the possibility to have a 1-week trial at Stoke City Academy, and he also signed a representation contract with CM SPORTS Management football agency. Márk shared his thoughts and experiences with us about this huge opportunity.

What was your most important experience of the week at Stoke City? Did you feel big differences compared to Hungarian football?

I quickly realized that the intensity of trainings and games is much higher than in Hungary. Everyone tried to give their best from the first moment until the very last, there was no time to stop. The players work very hard on trainings, and they inspire each other with this attitude to constantly improve. Communication ont he pitch is also a key factor in England, I think I improved a lot in this area during the week. All in all I think I earned a lot of important experiences during the trial, which will help me in my future career. The infrastructure of the academy at Stoke is also ideal for the development of the players: there are 7-8 great quality grass pitches to train, and we also spent a lot of time in the very well equipped gym. Every member of the staff from the coaches tot he physios work very hard day-by-day to develop the players and to provide everything which helps them to give their best.

In your opinion what is the key factor for a player to reach that level to join a great club like Stoke City?

The most important is your performance on the pitch. You have to work hard every day and always try to give your best in every training and every match, don’t lett he result of the game or any circumstances affect your focus. Concentrate at your own game and to help your team the best possible way, let your performance speak for itself. Positive mindset is also essential to be successful, never give up and always focus on reaching your goals even in the hardest times.

What are your goals in your football career?

Of course I would like to become a professional player who plays and performs well at the highest possible level. Besides that my dream is to be part of the Hungarian National Team, so I work hard every day and always try to give my best, and I hope my performance will convince the National Team coaches and get into the youth national team, and in the future in the senior national team

What would you do if you were not a professional player?

I would definitely choose a profession which is in connection with football. Maybe I could be a coach, but I have no doubt I would work around football, because it is really important for me since my childhood, I can’t even imagine to live without football.

You signed a representation contract with CM Sports Management who will help building your career. What is your opinion about this possibility?

I am very happy to have this opportunity, because I think Chris is a great professional and also a great person. We spoke several times when I was in England and it was clear that our way of thinking of football is very similar. We have the same goals as well, so I’m sure that our cooperation will be effective and successful, I will give my best every day.

Who would you recommend the PSG Hungary Talent ID Camp to?

I recommend it to everyone who would like to challenge themselves, improve and earn experiences in an international level. It is a great possibility to everyone who wants to become a professional player, because the Trial Days and the UK Tour will give them unforgettable memories and a lot of experiences which will be very important in their future career as well. The PSG Hungary Tours are fantastic possibilities to get to know the football culture in England and the USA, and to show your abilities against strong teams from these countries. And at last but not least, I would like to thank to PSG Hungary for giving me the possibility to attend their Talent ID Camp, and the Tour where I got scouted by Stoke City so I had the possibility to spend a week trial at their Academy!