I’m DEREK ROBINSON, youth coach with almost 30 years of experience in English football. During my career I have worked at clubs like Ipswich Town, Leyton Orient, Burnley FC, Southend United, Bournemouth and West Ham United.

In the last 5 years I regularly come to Hungary, cooperating with my friend, Gábor. During my times here i discovered a lot of talented players, some of them was also invited to London to show their talent. I have a knowledge of Hungarian players, I see their strengths and also the areas they need to improve at.

The possibilities provided by ProSoccerGlobal Hungary can help players a lot to develop their abilities to the next level, and I’m very happy to be a part of this, because as a youth coach the development of players is the most important for me!


GOallKEEPERS.com goalkeeper & team equiqments Webshop Owner & ProSoccerGlobal Hungary Goalkeeper Coach

In my opinion it is a fantastic opportunity for every player to participate in the ProSoccerGlobal Hungary Talent ID Camps. With this unique possibility they can experience the world of English football and the Premier League.



Premier League Academy Develpoment Centre Coach

One of the most inspiring aspect of this program is that the players have the possibility to get feedbacks and learn from coaches and other experts who work at highest level of football and youth development.





Aston Villa Academy Goalkeeper &
ProSoccerGlobal Hungary Ambassador

PSG Hungary Tours provide great opportunities for young, talented players to show their abilities here in England. They can be very close to the best championship of the world, and have a chance to achieve their dreams in football. During the Tralent ID Camps, but especially the matches during the UK Football Tours, they can also test their adaptational skills, which will be essential for their future career as well. What I immediately experienced here in England is that motivation and great character is really important to reach your goals. Of course technique and other abilities are also crucial, but if someone doesn’t work hard enough besides his talent, he will never achieve anything and he will drop out easily. Every small detail is very important to succeed, for example I’m not sure every player is aware of the huge importance of what you eat or how much you sleep. So all in all, every experience, every new situation can help young players in their development, and to experience the football culture in England with the help of ProSoccerGlobal Hungary is a great possibility to every player, which can have a huge effect on their future career.